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A wedding is the perfect celebration of the beginning of a pure bond of love, respect, and commitment, and starting a new journey with your life partner. Weddings are the confluence of two individuals and two families, sharing a new bond of love. Weddings are the most precious and memorable moment of every individual’s life and that’s why Every individual wants to make their precious day an unforgettable moment of their life. Choosing a perfect and luxurious wedding venue in Delhi is crucial in making this special occasion luxurious and unforgettable. Step into Delhi’s most luxurious wedding venue in Delhi which is Precious Forever, where every occasion is celebrated to a higher level of refinement, love, joy, and happiness. This blog will guide you to explore the diverse range of beautiful events that can be hosted at this super luxurious Wedding venue In Delhi Precious Forever unique services offered by the banquet. From lavish weddings to the traditional richness of engagement, haldi, and mehndi ceremonies, Precious Forever stands as an adaptable canvas for creating unforgettable memories and has become the best wedding venue in Delhi.

What Makes Precious Forever- The Best Wedding Venue in Delhi 

Location and Interior – The best wedding venue in Delhi, The Precious Forever Banquet is located at a very prime location in the heart of Delhi, Peeragarhi. The banquet has a super luxurious interior design including high-end finishes, elegant furnishing, and eye-catching decor that contributes to the overall ambiance. From the crystallized cutlery to the custom-designed furniture every element is made with a sense of sophistication and refinement. 

Experienced staff – The Precious Forever banquet hall is famous for its exceptional services. Starting from the initial inquiry to the final farewell, the customers or host as well as their guests will experience unmatched attention and care. The professional staff including event coordinators, catering team, decor team, and hospitality team ensures that every aspect of the event is perfect and put their heart and soul together to make every event memorable. Therefore, this makes Precious Forever one of the best wedding venue in Delhi.

Catering Services- The Precious Forever Banquet Hall offers the best catering services in the whole capital city of Delhi. Renowned chefs and professional catering teams offer a wide range of mouth-watering national and international food cuisine (including Indian continental, Chinese, and Italian dishes). The presentation of the dishes, the quality of ingredients, and the seamless execution of catering services contribute to the overall ambiance.

Customization and Personalization- Precious Forever, the best wedding venue in Delhi offers a unique facility for their customers, the customised theme facilities.  Therefore, the customers have numerous theme options with customization which they can choose according to their preference for any event such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, ring ceremonies, and so on.

Accommodation- Precious Forever Banquet Hall in Delhi Peeragarhi offers super sophisticated and top-notch

accommodation services to their guests. The banquet has the largest main wedding hall in the capital city Delhi, which is of 90,000 sq feet and can accommodate more than two thousand guests at a time.

Events You Can Host At PRECIOUS FOREVER Wedding Venue


Event At precious Forever

The Grandeur of Weddings:

Precious Forever wedding venue in Delhi sets the stage for the most important day of your life. The spacious and beautifully adorned party halls are the perfect venue for ceremonies and extravagant celebrations. From the engagement party to the grand reception including haldi and mehndi events, the venue provides an atmosphere and vibe for crafting your dream wedding. The dedicated professional staff at Precious Forever is committed to turning an ordinary event into an extraordinary one.

Corporate events:

Elevate your corporate events to new heights by choosing Precious Forever Banquet Hall as your venue. The wedding venue in Delhi offers advanced facilities, including audiovisual equipment and comfortable seating arrangements, the venue is the perfect location for hosting conferences, seminars, and workshops. The banquet’s interior provides a professional ambiance vibe or atmosphere which is done by the professionalized expert decor team who understand the importance of seamless execution, making sure that your corporate event turns out into a successful memory.

Birthday Parties:

To make your birthday a special and unique celebration, the Precious Forever banquet hall in Delhi will be the perfect place for you. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a themed party, the venue can be transformed into any customized theme according to the Customers choice. The experienced staff assists in coordinating, entertainment, catering, and decorations, ensuring that the birthday celebration at precious forever is not just an event but turns into unforgettable memories.

Marriage Anniversary :

Celebrate your pure bond of love and commitment by hosting an marriage anniversary at Precious Forever wedding venue in Delhi. The romantic and luxurious ambiance allows couples and guests to the event of togetherness and love. The dedicated team at the Precious Forever Wedding Hall ensures that the celebration is a reflection of the couple’s journey, creating an unforgettable experience for the guests. 

Cultural and Religious events:

Precious Forever Banquet Hall respects the diversity of the nation and it is an ideal venue for hosting cultural and religious events such as Mata ki Chowki, kirtan, Jagran, etc. The venue offers customized theme facilities to accommodate its various traditions and customs. The respectful and inclusive environment,  with the proper planning of the management team, ensures that cultural and religious events are conducted with grace and authenticity. 

Engagement ceremony:

Start your new journey with a new bond of love for a lifetime with a captivating engagement ceremony at Precious Forever Banquet Hall in Delhi. The venue offers a super sophisticated party hall with an elegant and luxurious ambiance for the exchange of rings, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. The professional staff of the banquet ensures that the ambiance aligns perfectly with your vision, creating an atmosphere of romance and celebration.

Haldi Happiness:

Enjoy the vibrant traditions of haldi ceremonies in the elegant surroundings of Precious Forever wedding hall in Delhi. The venue provides a huge indoor and outdoor space for the colorful ambiance, allowing family and friends to participate and enjoy this pre-wedding ritual. The experienced staff of the wedding hall ensures that the event is perfectly executed, with attention to every and every detail, making it a memorable event. 

Majestic Mehndi:

Enjoy the beautiful magic of the most joyful pre-wedding ritual Mehndi. Precious Forever Banquet Hall delivers the perfect and best ambiance for hosting such events. The venue’s versatile and elegant spaces are perfect for hosting mehndi ceremonies, with proper sophisticated accommodations and rooms for guests to relax in the festivities. From old traditional setups to modern contemporary themes, the venue can be transformed in any way according to your preferences, ensuring that the mehndi celebration is a visual and cultural delight.

Booking Process of the Precious Forever Banquet in Delhi 

The Precious Forever Banquet Hall in Delhi Peeragarhi has a very simple and easy booking Process.  Therefore the banquet offers two modes of booking:-

1) ONLINE – You Can reach out to our website and fill out the online booking form after that our team will contact you. 

2) OFFLINE – You Can reach out to our banquet The Precious Forever in Peeragarhi and our experienced staff members will guide you for further information. 


What is the guest capacity of precious forever the best wedding venue in Delhi?

The Precious Forever Banquet in Delhi has the largest party hall in the whole capital city Delhi with the capacity to accommodate a minimum of one hundred guests to more than two thousand guests at a time. 

What are the Wedding packages at Precious Forever?

The packages at Precious Forever Banquet Hall in Delhi vary according to the food menu, events, and guest capacity. Therefore,  Precious Forever offers three different types of menus:-

1) Semi deluxe menu

2) Deluxe menu

3) Super deluxe menu 

-Each with its own uniqueness and specialty  

NOTE- We have Three different luxurious party halls on the three floors, with the capacity to accommodate twelve hundred to fifteen hundred guests at a time.

Precious Forever Banquet Tour And Exploring



Hence, if you planning to organize any event such as a wedding, marriage anniversary,  ring ceremony,  birthday party,  award function, get-together, corporate event, religious event, and so on the Precious Forever banquet hall in Delhi will be the perfect venue for you for organizing any such events mentioned above with most luxurious facilities offered by the banquet and making life long memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No hiring outside vendors are not allowed in the Precious Forever wedding venue. The banquet professional staff will ensure that every aspect of the event is perfect and with customer satisfaction.

There is not any fixed cost for the wedding venue in Delhi, therefore it depends on your number of guests and theme. Whereas Precious Forever is the best wedding venue in Delhi, it provides super luxurious facilities at a very affordable price. Hence, for more information, you can contact our PR team.

The best time for booking a wedding is five to six months before the wedding date. Therefore, during the wedding season, the availability of the topmost wedding venues (precious forever) in Delhi is tough.

The cancellation policy of our banquet hall Precious Forever is very simple, but one month before cancellation is mandatory. Therefore, for further information, you can contact our PR team.

Yes, Precious Forever wedding venue in Delhi provides super elegant and eye-catching decor services.

There are no such restrictions on decorations or entertainment services but hiring outside decoration and entertainment services is allowed

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